86mm #3 Soft Focus Filter Lens / Diffuser Lens / Effect Filter

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Model: DCK005435-86mm



This 86mm Soft Focus Filter reduces contrast and creates a soft halo around the highlights. It is also ideal for creating a hint of softness or blurred contours; the effect is based on concentric rings in the glass and can be enhanced by opening up or reduced by closing down the aperture. If you're shooting a portrait of a woman, this filter can be used to cover up minor facial blemishes while also establishing a soft, ethereal quality and giving the image added impact.

- This filter reduce contrast and create a soft halo around the highlights, they are also ideal for creating a hint of softness or blurred contours
- They are very suitable for portrait especially for close-up shoot, which can soften wrinkle, spots, pore etc, giving a gentle, flattering effect. You can obviously find the differences with pictures that with or without this filter
- Great for portrait and landscape photography
- Features front threading for stacking an additional filter or attaching your lens cap.

This accessory is compatible with:

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Pentax, Panasonic, Monolta, Zeiss, Schneider, Robinin, Sigma, Tamron, Toking and other manual lenses

*** check the specification below carefully to see if your device is compatible or not, more new models may have not yet included in the list ***

Other Thread Sizes Available:
- 25mm
- 26mm
- 27mm
- 28mm
- 30mm
- 30.5mm
- 34mm
- 37mm
- 39mm
- 40mm
- 40.5mm
- 43mm       
- 46mm       
- 49mm       
- 52mm       
- 55mm       
- 58mm
- 62mm
- 67mm
- 72mm
- 77mm
- 82mm
- 86mm
- 95mm
- 105mm
- 112mm
- 127mm

Colors Available:
- Black

Options(not included) :
- FL-D Lenses
- ND Lenses
- CPL Filter
- Star Effect Filters
- Color Filters

- All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
- Photo attached is for reference only, it may be slightly varied in items of colour, shape from the actual item delivered from time to time).
- This kit is compatible with all 86mm lenses. Please verify your camera's lens thread size before ordering. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "Ø" (diameter) symbol. For example: Ø86 = 86mm lens thread size.


Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: Generic

- 86mm Soft Focus Filter Lens / Diffuser Lens
- Back Thread Size: 86mm
- Front Filter Thread Size: 86mm
- Net Weight: ??g (lens)

Package Includes:
- 86mm Soft Focus Filter Lens / Diffuser Lens x 1
- Carrying Case x 1

- Box



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