Press Samples is pleased to provide review samples of our own product (DCKina Branded or Tanla Branded) to magazines, journals, and other bloggers, as well as television and radio programs with legitimate author interview formats or suitable social feed platforms.

To request a review sample, please e-mail, to the attention of the Publicity Department.

Please state these for reference:
1. Your channel, megazines, your blog's link...

For Examples:

You may simply describe your blog to us so we may not need to spend time to check.

2. Briefly, how you will do to our sample(s) or what's your practice.

3. What samples you've reviewed before and their links or how we can find these reviews.

4. The sample(s) you need to do the review.

Provide us the link and SKU:
SKU: DCK004851

5. Your destination country to ship the sample, your area of coverages and segments of coverage.

6. To enhance communications and show your support (and let's be a little bit greedy), please consider to follow us (or subscribe) at these channels:

or any other channels that you have, it is voluntary, not a must.

Please note:
- For the 1st time, we will just send 1 sample and it is under USD30 (listed price, not discounted) via air mail.

- For more samples afterwards, we will consider only after ALL the PREVIOUS SAMPLES REVIEWED and PUBLISHED and subject to sample available.

- For some remote countries, or our carrier does not cover, no samples will be considered.

- Press samples are limited, we may not be able to support samples to all requests, we may keep your email address in our send-list and you can request another press sample someday later.

- All samples are complimentary but for the sake of trust and good conduct, please review it in detail and publish it in your blog or the place agreed unless you found difficulties to carry on.

- A PERMANNENT BACKLINK (or sort of links) to our website and corresponding blogs (to website is preferred) is a MUST for all the reviews. - Please help to send the link back to us or let us know where we can check the review, we may publish them in our corresponding social feeds too.

- If you've taken any pictures or you have any videos that can share with us, we are happy to check and re-post, please send the pictures or videos (UHD please / 4K, at least 1920x1080) via email or you can save it in a drive and send us the link so we can download by ourselves, a credit is guaranteed if any pictures or videos are used.

For any inquiries, please coutact us via email too.

Thank you for your attention.

Publicity Team,


Smart Phone / iPhone Pro Variable ND Filter (2-400 Adjustable Neutral Density Filter Lens)Smart Phone / iPhone Pro Variable ND Filter (2-400 Adjustable Neutral Density Filter Lens)
Description: This Variable ND filter is for creative effects. It is very useful for b...
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OEM 12X Telephoto (Zoom / Long Range Telescope) Lens for Apple iPhone X, iPhone XSOEM 12X Telephoto (Zoom / Long Range Telescope) Lens for Apple iPhone X, iPhone XS
Descriptions: Want to have a Super Telescope / Telephoto Lens to your phone? Now you ...
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