VideoCam / SLR / DSLR / iPhone / Camera Phone Stabilizer / Gimbal with CounterWeight & Bubble Level

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Model: DCK004896V
Shipping Weight: 1050g


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Product Overview:
The Handheld Video Stabilization System allows shake-free handheld shots, easily and with minimal fatigue. It is designed specifically for lightweight mirrorless cameras, GoPro or compact camcorders up to 2 LBS. Mount your camera and be ready to shoot in just minutes.

This Handheld Video Stabilization System lets you achieve professional results for still shots, panning, moving in and out on subjects, and more. Take the step up from hobbyist to professional without the expense. Perfect for outdoor action, long shoots, artistic applications and more.

The ball joint gimbal design is optimized for smooth function and ease of use; it effectively isolates the rig from user movement, allowing jiggle-free and jitter-free shooting. Counterweights are adjustable for precise handling and customized performance. Use effectively with one hand without tiring, or use two hands for kinetic situations and max control.

UNIQUE Feature:
- Shoot like a pro with this super-solid, "shake-free" design, it is geat for indie film makers looking to move their films to the next level! Shoot smooth motion shots in tight spaces, on stairs, through crowds, in cars, walking, running skating... etc.

- Designed for lightweight mirrorless cameras or compact camcorders up to 2.0 LBS (or 1Kg approx.)
- Enables Shake-Free Handheld Shots
- Smooth Ball Joint Gimbal Design
- Bubble Level for Fine Tuning Balance
- 3 separate counter-weights, for precise adjustments.
- Supports One-Handed Operation

- Comfortable Foam Padded Handle
- Ball Joint, Comfortable Foam Padded Handgrip
- Compatible with Smartphone, Camcorder, Camera, GoPro device and Digital Camera

This accessory is compatible with (see notes below):
- Camera / Camcorder / DC / Digicam / Video Recorder
- Nikon, Canon, Lumix, Pentax, Olympus DSLRs / SLRs

- GoPro Action Cameras

- iPhone X
- iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus
- iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus
- iPhone 6 (4.7") / iPhone 6s (4.7")
- iPhone SE
- iPhone 6 Plus (5.5") / iPhone 6s Plus (5.5")
- iPhone 5S / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5C
- iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S
- iPhone 3GS / iPhone 3G

- iPod Touch 6th Generation
- iPod Touch 5th Generation
- iPod Touch 4th Generation
- iPod Touch 3rd Generation

- Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus (S8+)
- Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge
- Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge
- Samsung Galaxy S5 / SV / GT-i9600
- Samsung Galaxy s4 / s iv / i9500 / GT-i9505
- Samsung Galaxy s3 / siii / i9300
- Samsung Galaxy s2 / sii / i9100
- Samsung Galaxy s1 / si / i9000

- Samsung Galaxy Mega 2
- Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
- Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

- Samsung Galaxy A8

- Samsung Galaxy Note 8
- Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

- Samsung Galaxy Note 5
- Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
- Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / Note IV
- Samsung Galaxy Note III / Note 3 (N9000)
- Samsung Galaxy Note II / Note 2 (N7100)
- Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000)

- Sony Xperia Z5 / Z5 Compact / Z5 Premium Smartphones
- Sony Xperia Z4 / Z3+ Z3 / Z2 Smartphones
- Sony Xperia Z3 / Z2 Ultra / Z Ultra Phablets

- Asus Zenfone Smartphones

- Acer Liquid phones

- Blackberry Smartphones

- Google Nexus 6 Phone

- Nokia Lumia 920 / Lumia 1020 / Lumia 1520

- Microsoft Lumia

- The New HTC One M8 / M8 (eye)
- The New HTC One M9

- LG G Smartphones
- LG G Pro Phablets

- Amazon Fire Phones

- Motorola Phones

- Oppo XiaoMi / ZTE / Huawei / Alcatel Smartphones
- Oppo XiaoMi / ZTE / Huawei / Alcatel Phablets

- Do not see your device on this list? PLEASE feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

*** or check the specification below carefully to see if your device is compatible or not, more new models may just have not yet included in the list ***

Colors Available:
- Black

Options / Accessories (not included):
- Add-on Lenses
- Filters
- Memory Cards Adapter (e.g. Micro SD to CF)

- All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
- Photo attached is for reference only, it may be slightly varied in items of colour, shape from the actual item delivered from time to time)
- Ships in 1 week.
- GoPro Adapter or Phone Holder INCLUDED.


Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: OEM / Generic
- SKU: n/a
- Youtube / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram Tag: #DCK004896V

- Net Weight: 842g approx.
- Screw Thread: 1/4"-20
- Max Load: 1Kg (or 2.0lbs approx.)


Package Includes:
- Video Stabilizer for Cameras x 1 set
- GoPro Adapter x 1
- Phone holder x 1

- Box



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