9X Telephoto (Zoom / Long Range Telescope) Lens for Apple iPhone 5s / iPhone 5

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Model: DCK003700
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Want to have a Super Telescope / Telephoto Lens to your iPhone 5S / iPhone 5? Now you have one more kit.

This telescope has a superb 9X expansion that can help you to close up any objects 9 times from afar.

It is a Telecsope with manual focus, just turning the ring in the front of the scope to the clearest shot.

- Avoid the contortion of image
- Detachable from the crystal case
- Manual Focus adjust.
- Replacement Back cover / Back Case is available.
- Quick / instant swapping to other lenses for other effects, just screw off one then screw another one in, then it goes.

This accessory is compatible with:
- Apple iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S

Colors Available (Cover):
- Black
- (other colors are available for OEM orders)

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- You will need to use with a back cover when you use this lens (back case included).
- This is a fixed 9X optical fixed zoom lens, not a zooomable in between.
- The lens for this product is exchangeable with other (13.2mm threaded) lenses in our shop, please find the corresponding DIY sub-category under the same Category.

Brand Name:

- Manual focus ring
- Minimum focus distance: 3m
- Material:Aluminum Shell + Optical Glass Elements
- Magnification: 9X
- Angle of Vision: 12 degree
- Objective Lens Diameter: 18mm
- Weight: 83g

Package Includes:
- 9X Telescope Lens x 1
- Hard Case for iPhone 5s / iPhone 5 x 1

- Retail



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